How to crochet

The ladies down at the library have a wonderful group going on – supporting one another to learn how to crochet, whatever level you are from complete beginner to hands on.

After going to a lesson, I realised that there is a lot to it! There’s a whole new language and skill involved, but if you persist there can be some amazing results. This can’t be summed up on one page, but there is a few titbits in the guide to get you started.

It is a welcoming and inclusive group with very patient teachers – I had to get shown how to loop over and over, but eventually got it!

One of the ladies at the class grew up learning how to crochet from her mother – she told me they spent their evenings sitting together chatting and crocheting their own clothes. What a worthwhile way to spend your evenings! Bonding and making, rather than collectively staring at screens.

The class is every Thursday from 2-3pm. Don’t worry if you don’t have the materials, the group has plenty to share and will be glad to see you there.

If the class doesn’t fit into your schedule, YouTube would be a great place to start. And both online and at the library you can find heaps of patterns to follow.

CLICK HERE to read the full guide!

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