Add fresh creative concepts and design to your existing brand
for all marketing and communication material from business
cards to exterior signage and everything in between.
– OR –
If you don’t have any branding, Shannon will create for you a
unique tailor-made brand identity and logo, made just for your
business to reflect your look, style and ethos.

Logos • Layout • Business Cards • Print Advertising • Flyers •
Posters • Booklets • Magazines • Newspapers •
Any other media design eg. Personalised Stamps

Get two for the price of one: a qualified Graphic Designer to
create the look you need and an experienced Web Designer
with the know-how to give you all the modern features of a
great website.

The Okey Dokey Designs how to guide are a unique publication
based right here in the beautiful town of Whitianga.
Our talented local businesses and clubs share their knowledge
in a how to guide each week – these go into our local cafes
and get published on the main page of the Okey Dokey Designs
website and on social media. Hit the logo at the top of the page
to check them out! To publish your own how to guide,
go to the contact page to get in touch.

Hi, my name is Shannon – Whiti local Mum,
Wife and Business Owner.

Print is my passion and I love designing it all:
magazines, newspapers, layout and all print
design. Which is why I am so excited about
creating the how to guides!

I have a thing for old-school: you’ll always find
me with a paperback in my vintage clutch and
I still plan my life in a plain old pen-and-paper
diary – plus about a million notebooks for when
inspiration hits!

In with the old, and in with the new: whatever
you need, I can design it for you.

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